Lords throw spanner in Brexit works

The House of Lords’ Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee has just published a withering attack on the Government’s European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – otherwise known as the ‘Repeal Bill’ – saying “the Bill has failed to meet our expectations on all points” concerning scrutiny, transparency and control.

Among changes demanded by Peers are calls for Parliament to decide how much scrutiny is needed on every detailed element of the Bill, for MPs and Peers to have 10 days to consider each one of the 800+ Statutory Instruments the Government needs to transfer EU law onto the new UK statute book, and for the Government to legislate separately on key issues, like what powers are going to the Devolved Assemblies.

Most worryingly for the Government, the Lords have taken the highly unusual step of trying to influence scrutiny of the legislation in the Commons, which could signal the start of both Houses coordinating their efforts against every Brexit Bill the Government brings forward.

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